terça-feira, 21 de março de 2017

Momentos que me fazem...

James Blake - My Willing Heart (Feat. Natalie Portman)

Tks, Mili

quarta-feira, 8 de março de 2017

Novos sons

Jesca Hoop - Memories Are Now (2017)

domingo, 5 de março de 2017

Trump ou a verdade da mentira

Anúncio do New You Times. Numa altura em que a verdade deixou de ser só uma. Sobretudo para Trump.

quarta-feira, 1 de março de 2017

"I love Portugal"

Desde há uns dias que o mais recente projeto de Sun Kill Moon roda por aqui sem parar. Uma das faixas chama-se "I Love Portugal".  É um belíssimo tema. Os mais atentos não estranham esta demonstração de ternura pois o amor de Mark Kozelek por Portugal é antigo. A sua editora, por exemplo, chama-se, apropriadamente, "Caldo Verde Records". Aqui fica letra da faixa.

"In my hotel where the band is staying
I'm off desert but what I'd give to not get on that plane
Woke to the sound of birds calling and I wanna water the flowers in the garden
And the maid scooting her tray around the echoey hall
I just want to stay in Portugal today, that's all
'Cause when I'm here there's a sense of calm
People living day to day and enjoying the moment
Last night we found a cozy place and we listened to fado music and we ate steak
And bacalhau and caldo verde
Then we went and got gelato and we drank iced lattes

And the fans have always shown me love (shown me love)
And so have my friends Vasco, Miguel, and Nadia, and Monica (Nadia and Monica)
I can't complain, I get to visit every year
Last night my driver said my music brought him to tears


I love Portugal, I love Portugal, oh, oh
I love Portugal
I love Portugal, I love Portugal, oh, oh
I love Portugal
I love Portugal, I love Portugal, oh, oh
I love Portugal
I love Portugal, I love Portugal, oh, oh
I love Portugal

Was listening to Mahavishnu Orchestra's "Liala's Dance"
As I drifted off into rare afternoon nap
Yesterday, one shot in Minnesota, one in Baton Rouge, and then retaliation in Dallas
Someone shot and killed five cops
And the cops came back and killed that sniper with a robot
But all was peaceful here at the Seculo Hotel in the Bonfim neighborhood of Oporto

Now I'm on my way to Zürich at Gate 35
TAP operator by Swiss Airlines
I miss my quiet day in Oporto, sleeping and listening to the many birds sing
And the shoe store that I wanted to shop in
Was closed and, man, it pissed me off
As we drove by twice on the way to soundcheck and on the way to the hotel from the show that night

I'm gonna return some day, I know it (some day)
I'm gonna buy me a home looking over the river in Oporto (river in Oporto)
Gonna get me a plate of melon and prosciutto and grilled sardines, a cup of coffee, and a bowl of gazpacho (bowl of gazpacho)
The USA can't pull the guns from the trolls of the country I live in
Can't get a grip on gun control
If we're gonna live with a president who's a huge fucking asshole
Then believe me, baby, I'm gonna buy me a home in Portugal


At the [?], Room 301, in Zurich
The Bern show is cancelled tomorrow night due to violence and a bunch of crazy shit
It's found its way into the venue
I'm not going to sing about it
I'm just gonna read the statement from the promoter to you
"Dear Mark, Dear all at Sun Kil Moon

I have really, really, really bad news. We're deeply afraid but see ourselves in circumstances that unfortunately urge us to have to cancel. The Sun Kil Moon show at Dachstock Reitschule, Bern, the open space in front of our house Reitschule, Bern is causing increasing troubles with violence and sexes. An organized drug dealer and the year and months and weeks we decided to shut the place down and its ongoing activities. For a while, at least ten days, or maybe longer and find a way of how to deal with our society's problems erupted in front of our house, creating a rather explosive atmosphere at times in front of our house. We're very sorry that due to this reaction the show with Sun Kil Moon will have to be cancelled. As we're in general enforcing this temporary shutdown, apologies for any inconveniences to you, I know your band just got into town. Of course we're gonna pay full agreed guaranteed fee as well as covering your hotel for 12/7/16. Also tickets will be reimbursed, it can be used to see your show tonight in Zürich. We strongly hope you reschedule your concert in Bern next time your band is touring in Europe. Reitschule remains closed until further notice. Again, my deepest apologies, but it's totally out of my control. Let me know if you need any more info

Sincerely, your promoter at Breathing Hope."


I love Portugal, I love Portugal, oh, oh / And the sparkling Douro River estuary
I love Portugal
I love Portugal, I love Portugal, oh, oh / And when I die I want some of my ashes spread there
I love Portugal / and skip the Hail Mary
I love Portugal, I love Portugal, oh, oh / I'm gonna go back next year and I'm gonna find that same shoe store
I love Portugal
I love Portugal, I love Portugal, oh, oh / It's gotta be somewhere between the venue and the Fnac bookstore
I love Portugal
I love Portugal, I love Portugal, oh, oh / And it doesn't have a goddamned thing to do with football
I love Portugal


I love Portugal, I love Portugal, oh, oh
I love Portugal
I love Portugal"

terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017

E a montanha pariu...um Oscar

Vi em direto mas também me custou a crer. Para mim é simples: "La La Land" é muito melhor filme que "Moonlight". O vencedor é apenas fruto das politiquices (um filme que junta questões raciais com questões de orientação sexual e sociais, está claramente na frente em termos de perceção dos membros da Academia) inerentes ao troféu. Só isso justifica o prémio e pode estar na base de toda confusão. Dos nove nomeados "Moonlihght" é, juntamente com "Hacksaw Ridge", o que com menos qualidade representa a 7ª arte.
Aqui fica para memória futura.

domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2017

La La La

Embora não seja apreciador do género, não me custa nada admitir que La La Land é tudo aquilo que o cinema deve ser. Um filme de momentos. Belo a todos os níveis. Será o grande vencedor dos Oscares daqui a algumas horas. Um justíssimo vencedor.

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Follow up

Eis a resposta humorística dos portugueses ao vídeo holandês de apresentação a Trump.

quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2017

Melodias que me fizeram...

Soul Coughing - "Screenwriter's Blues"  (1994)